Best Toilet You Can Buy

Best Toilet That Won The Race To The Moon


Toilets are literally taking crap from all corners. And I don’t want you to take crap from anyone or buy a crappy toilet.

In this article you will learn:

  1. About the best toilet I know that works great
  2. What qualities to look for when buying a toilet
  3. How to save time and money by learning everything I share with you here


Water conservation need forced industrial standards to reduce capacity of water usage in all fixtures. It’s been going on for years now and most people are unaware that they are unknowingly using less water. The amount of water you can use legally is been reduced every year. To the point it gets ridiculous. Here in Silicon Valley many people have been fined $5000 for overusing water. When these laws came out, plumbing manufacturers were forced to change the entire production line. Now designers had to figure out how to make crap to float into space, all the way to Mars and back to Earth, with only one gallon of water. That was a race to the Moon for plumbing manufacturing companies where only few made it to the finish line. The ones that didn’t make it, had to fake it in testing department so they could sell their product. And if you call to their complaints department, they will advise you to take laxatives rather than admit that their toilet is bad.

Remember when toilet tanks were bigger and used to hang on large copper tube? Tank was so high that plumber had to climb on a ladder to fix it. That was the gravity and force that is required to take stuff underground. That’s been taken away. So now all toilets come with David Copperfield or Chris Angel (Choice is yours), to magically make shit disappear into thin air. How awesome is that!!

Best toilet you can buy that works great and is affordable

In my opinion it’s American Standard Cadet 3 Dual Flush. Hands down. Of course there is a top of the line brands, including Toto but we are talking about the brand that is readily available in your closest hardware stores. While our company has installed many different brand toilets over many years, our favorite has been American Standard Cadet 4, Champion 4 Max and Cadet3. These models are always my recommendation to our clients that are looking to replace a toilet and I installed them in my house as well. My expertise on such a serious matter as a toilet purchasing doesn’t come from a mere experience, knowledge and wisdom of two decades in plumbing industry, but also through my keen ability to notice details that most people ignore, and another ability to see the big picture.

What I’m saying is that there are toilets that can take crap and the ones that can’t. And then there are the ones that commit a suicide after you take them out of the box. Which usually ends up with the trip back to store to return the crappy crapper. Yet most people rave about those underdeveloped brands that are so behind they belong to 1980’s. Save yourself a time, headache and hundreds of dollars and take my advice.

The qualities we are looking for in toilet:

  • Style/ Looks
  • Match with entire bathroom.
  • Functionality
  • Dependability/ Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Sanitary/ Hygienic
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Affordability/ Price

Style And Looks

The very first thing people go for when shopping for a new toilet is how it looks and whether it is in style. For those that money isn’t an issue, often tend to go for whatever is new and exclusive. I have installed the Ferrari of the toilets for one of my clients that cost him $4000.- At that time this system just came on the market and therefore the cost was so high. Plus it requires major changes in drain piping, water line rerouting and not to mention in-wall framing and sheetrock patch. And it looks awesome. But there are standard toilets that also look great and you don’t have to sell your car to buy a toilet. In my opinion about the good looks of a toilet has no importance. Although Cadet3 Dual Flush does look great. My designer department that has an office building in my right brain gave 100% approval for American Standard product line.

Match with entire bathroom

Most of the bathrooms have chrome finish and it wouldn’t be a big issue to match your new toilet with it. Only in rare cases it would matter but then you would get entire product line that would be happily married. In any case I guarantee that American Standard will match with any bathroom.


the quality of being suited to serve a purpose well; practicality I like the feel and functionality of this toilet.• the purpose that something is designed or expected to fulfill :manufacturing processes may be affected by the functionality of the product. new software with additional functionality.

Sanitary/ Hygienic

Most of us thrive on cleanliness and the eradication of germs. We try to keep our homes sanitary, a term that goes beyond cleanliness to imply that measures have been taken to guard against infections or disease. We demand that our communities provide schools and workplaces that are hygienic. In between the regular cleaning schedule we would like to see that our environment is maintaining a clean and healthy status. American Standard is providing that future with its permanent EverClean surface that inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew so the toilet stays cleaner, longer. Sanitary dam on bowl will prevent liquids from getting trapped between bowl and tank. PowerWash Rim scrubs bowl with pressurized water on every flush. EverClean surface future is pretty important. Here’s why. I have Toto Drake in my office that is only couple months old and it gets dirty very fast. Same time I have American Standard Champion 4 Max in my house for years already and it is always staying clean for longer even though more people use it. 

Water Shortage  In California Has Made Some Changes In Plumbing Industry As Well

Last year California put in force a new law for water conservation and that in turn changed the functionality of many plumbing fixtures, including toilets. First the law restricted toilet tanks to have capacity 1.6 gallons, then few months later it got reduced to 1.28 gallons.

american standard toiletWhile we all can agree that saving water is necessary and important we have noticed that many manufacturing companies started struggling with the quality of the performance. I have always told people that if you happen to have old plumbing and drain lines tend to clog then best thing you can do is flush more water into sink, tub or toilet. More water equals more force. Second best thing is to replace pipes but that is very expensive project.

So now that our toilets are restricted to only 1.28 gallons per flush we would need to pray that it will be flushing properly.

American Standard has once again done good job with their line of toilets and they always deliver. But to my surprise I found their new product line that has 1.6 gallon option which I thought was banned. Reason they get away with it is that Cadet 3 Dual Flush has option for smaller flush of 1 gallon, which in return would even out the consumption of the water, perhaps even be more efficient in conservation. Last week I installed the toilet for one of my customers in San Jose and right away I noticed the good flushing mechanism working great. Day later our client called us back and asked to install another American Standard Cadet 3 Dual Flush toilet in his house.  And for us it is important that our clients are always happy. Also, we don’t like recalls.

Are you convinced yet that some toilets can do magic?  If you need help to install a toilet then please call us at (408) 800-3091 for a free quote. Our installation prices are crazy cheap as well.

In the meantime, could you do me a favor?

Share this post. Show them what you’ve learned and that you care. Pass along this valuable information so they too can make some use out of it. Perhaps saving money. Or using the knowledge in future. Maybe reading this will even help them see that plumbers can be poets and that toilets are serious business.

After all, isn’t that what we’re here to do? Help people? Put a smile on their face?

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Earthquake Shut Off Valve Operation

Earthquake shut off valve operation, reset and troubleshooting. Earthquake valve is installed on gas supply line directly at the point of the supply at the gas meter. earthquake valve installation


In any case where you are working on gas line you should first turn off the gas by the gas meter. There is a valve by the gas meter which can be turned off and on by using Crescent Wrench, Channel Locks or special Meter Tool. Here is how the valve looks like:

gas meter shut off

Earthquake shutoff valves or seismic valves are installed directly beyond the meter. There are two types of valves: 1) Horizontal seismic valve. 2) Vertical seismic valve. When earthquake valve detects any seismic activity it will automatically turn off.

seismic valve

To reset earthquake valve you can do so by turning the little knob on the valve with flat screwdriver. Depending on the model and brand the reset knob can be in different location but almost always you will find a little screw on the side that is used to reset the seismic valve.

reset earthquake shut off valve

earthquake valve reset

When earthquake valve is in off position you will see the red light in window (usually located in front) that indicates that valve is in “OFF” position and gas line gets no flow in pipes. When resetting the valve you will see the GREEN light from the indicator window that shows you that valve is in open position.


earthquake valve indicator


When you are having trouble with earthquake valve that is turning off for no reason or that is not resetting back to open position then here are couple things to look for in order to see if the valve is in working order:

Check the level of the valve 

Most earthquake valves come with built in level check that will show you if your valve is in level. Some brands will provide mini levels or ask you to check level with your own device. Some brands have built in levels that are good guides to see if your valve is in level in order for it to work properly. In picture below you will find the level device that is built in to the device and indicates the correct level of the seismic valve. It consists of the simple chain that needs to be located in the middle of the key hole that will provide the accurate requirement for the earthquake valve level. Whenever someone has worked on meter or gas line it is always a good idea to check the level of the earthquake valve.

earthquake valve level

Turn off the gas meter before resetting the earthquake valve

In some cases when earthquake valve won’t reset properly it is advised to turn off the gas meter first before resetting the earthquake valve. To reset the earthquake valve use flat screwdriver and quarter turn the reset knob until you get the indicator window green.

After resetting the earthquake valve you must allow some time to have all air in gas line to “bleed” out before the gas will reach the appliances. That might take up to 3-5 minutes before gas will reach the appliance.

earthquake shutoff valve installation

For installation and replacement of earthquake valves please contact us at (408) 800-3091. We are number one company to provide the best quality and affordable price.

hydrojet water heater

Water Heater Leaking? Plumber In San Jose Can Help

Water heater leaking? City Plumbing in San Jose is here to help you.

If your water heater is leaking then you could use these tips in order to prevent any extensive damage to your home or business:

1) Turn off the gas valve to your water heater. It is located usually on the left side of your water heater. If for some reason you can’t turn off the gas valve by the heater you can also turn off the valve on gas meter outside your house. If you have electric water heater then turn off the power at the braker panel.

2) Turn off the water valve on top of the water heater. In case you don’t have the shut-off valve on water heater you can also turn it off in front of the house (Main Shut Off Valve). Or water meter by the curb.

3) Turn on your faucet on hot side to let all excess hot water to drain out from your water heater.

water heater leaking

Common issues and diagnosis of leaking water heater.

  • Water heater leaking from top: Worn water supply lines or tank leaking from top.
  • Water heater leaking from side: PRV (Pressure Relief Valve is worn or Temperature/ Pressure is too high inside the water heater tank.
  • Water heater leaking from bottom: Water heater tank is rusted and water is escaping from tank.

When your water heater is leaking it could create an extensive damage to your home and cost you money that you don’t want to spend. These simple instructions will prevent the damage to your home from the leaking water heater. When the water heater is leaking from the bottom it usually means that the tank of the water heater is rusted and water escapes from it. That means that this water heater needs to be replaced. Call immediately our plumbers to replace your leaking water heater. Our plumbers are available 24 hours at (408) 800-3091.

bradford white water heater

If your water heater is leaking from the top of the tank then sometimes it could mean that water supply lines leading to the water heater are worn out and need to be replaced. Sometimes water heater tanks would leak also from the top of the tank. Have our plumber take a look at your leaking water heater and assess the issue. We offer great pricing on Bradford White water heaters which are known to be the best water heaters. Read more information about Bradford White water heaters here. City plumbing is available 24 hrs a day at (408) 800-3091

bradford white water heater

Water Heater Bradford White

 Top Brand Water Heater For Less

When you  are buying a new water heater our recommendation is Bradford White Defender. We have availability for all sizes but most common size for residential home is 40 gallon gas water heater. We install water heaters in San jose and surrounding areas and have 40 gallon Bradford White water heaters with discounted prices. Nowadays water heaters are more efficient and safer. That means saving money and having peace in mind. Call us today to set up appointment to install your new water heater by calling 408-800-3091.bradford white water heater

So what makes Bradford White our first choice in water heaters for over a decade already? Here is the list of product features:

Icon System Intelligent Control

water heater control

The Bradford White ICON SystemTM is an exclusive gas control technology that offers numerous energy and time-saving benefits including Advanced Temperature Control for consistent and accurate water temperature levels, Performance Software for enhanced First Hour Delivery ratings and tighter temperature differentials, Intelligent Diagnostics to assist in troubleshooting, and Pilot-On-Indication. The ICON System is another competitive advantage for professional installers and wholesalers. Best of all, it’s provided at no extra cost. Here is the link for full description.

Defender Safety System FVIR Technology

defender safety system

The Bradford White Defender Safety System® maintains outstanding efficiency, a long service life and very low NOx emissions. Best of all, it provides maintenance free operation while meeting the stringent ANSI standard for the affected gas water heaters. Here is the link for full description.

Hydrojet Systems Technology

hydrojet water heater

The Hydrojet® Total Performance System is a cold-water inlet tube that was especially engineered to reduce costly sediment buildup and create more thorough mixing of incoming water with stored water. Because of more efficient mixing, extreme temperature differences throughout the tank are greatly reduced. Water Heaters with the Hydrojet Total Performance System don’t have to work as hard or as often to maintain a maximum supply of hot water at the desired temperature. They heat water faster and use less energy to do it. And, it’s standard equipment on all Bradford White top connect residential water heaters. Read more about it here.

Brass Drain Valve


Brass drain valve is durable and tamper proof low restriction brass drain valve. This design allows the installer to drain the tank faster, resulting in a reduction in service time. See more about it here.

To be honest, there are many reasons why we always recommend Bradford White brand to our clients. One of the reasons is that it gives us a peace in mind that our clients will be happy with product and it will work for many years without problems. We are not affiliated with Bradford White company. We don’t gain any profits from them. Only profit we get is our satisfied customers with good product.


stylish bathroom design ideas

Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas

These Bathroom Design Ideas Are Remarkable.


Planning to get creative ideas for your next project? Perhaps these images will help to make your imagination fly. Here is a collection of some stylish designs we wanted to share with you.


Feeling technology in this bathroom? Flat screen TV, cool accent lights for video gamer, everything you need to make it enjoyable.

Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas

This bathroom is made out of concrete. Simple yet styilish and original. Possibilities are endless.


Bright room with ocean view, elegant and inviting bathroom.



Mixing light blue colors with white lighting fixtures makes you feel like you are under water in this bathroom.



White and gray design with straight cut, clean look bathroom. Simple and elegant.



Amazingly enough purple and gray works great together in this bathroom. What is your favorite color?



Marble tub, light colors and soft lighting fixtures makes you feel like you are in spa in this bathroom



Got attic? Put it to use. Extra light and cool accent provided by skylight.





This purple bathroom design is screaming elegance.



Green walls, wood accents on fixtures, feels like forest in this bathroom.



White, bright, elegant bathroom design.



Another attic bathroom. Elegant and conservative.



Another attic bathroom with bold brown colors on white.



Large window makes a big difference in this nice bathroom design.




Light purple? Or pink? Regardless, we like the idea of the shower next to sink.




Very nice and large bathroom.



Pebble stones, marine colors, clean look. That makes you feel like you are on the beach.



This bathroom design needs no comment. Just sit in the tub and enjoy the view.



Large bathrooms are sure nice.



Modern bathroom design.



This is just pure awsome. What a great bathroom design with floating tub.

bathroom-design-ideas-2-11 bathroom-design-ideas-2-21


Glass tub and sink in this bathroom design makes me wonder if the toilet is glass as well.



That is on great looking tub.



Modern bathroom design.

Master bath in luxury home


Red and white colors go together in this bathroom design with a sandy tub in the middle of it.



What a nice bathroom design ideas. And this was just a glimpse of imagaes that are out there. Possibilities are endless when it comes to bathroom design. Get you groove on and get to the drawing board. Have fun.


bathroom design ideas

Cool Bathroom Sink Designs

Get Your Groove On With These Cool Bathroom Sinks

bathroom design ideas


Bathroom designs are getting more creative by a minute. Now, when shopping for new fixtures we have so many choices that would make our bathroom design work just the way we want it. I remember about a decade ago we had only little to chose from and most designs were made in vanities to bring out the ideas around the sink we installed. Today we have countless of varieties, colors, shapes, materials. Here are some pretty cool designs for some bathroom sinks. Enjoy.


This is a cool looking sink. Looks like broken ice. Frosty.

bathroom-design-ideas-10-1 bathroom-design-ideas-10-2

Amethyst geode sink. That is a true crystal lovers sink. Clean your hands while cleaning your chakras. Only trouble here can be how to clean sink from soap scum. Regardless it looks totally awesome.

cool sink

Here is a unique bathroom sink design by Ricardo Antonio. Called the Foglio toilet basin this design was created for Brascor Countertops of Brazil. Constructed of corian, this unique shape adds a cool touch to modern bathroom design. Can you say groovy?

Foglia toilet basin Ricardo Antonio

Unique Bathroom Sink


Groovy sink Luna from native trails. Something different.


This lemon design sink makes it look so fresh I can almost smell lemons from here.




Simplicity and retro is still in style and this cool sink proves it.



If you are looking to have a letter S in your design then here you go. SALON perhaps? SUSY? STYLISH.



Simplistic modern design with this green sink is very cool indeed.


Lastly, a cascade design bathroom sink. Very modern, industrial and groovy.