Commercial Plumbing in San Jose

 Commercial plumbing is been taken care of in Bay Area by City Plumbing for many years since 1989. City Plumbing offers commercial plumbing services for your business in Greater Bay Area and San Jose.  Whether you are experiencing a commercial plumbing emergency, maintaining a property or planning a remodeling project, San Jose commercial plumbing experts can address all of your needs.

•    Indoor/Outdoor Plumbing
•    Water Heaters
•    Sewer and Drains

San Jose commercial plumber will arrive at your business within 60 minutes or less. San Jose plumber will assess your commercial plumbing situation and offer you a free estimate for services. Throughout the service process, your professional San Jose plumber will keep you up-to-date with the status of your business’s plumbing project.

If your commercial business counts on plumbing to run smoothly at all times in order to operate effectively, consider signing up for a scheduled maintenance with City Plumbing.  San Jose commercial plumber can work with you to maintain your plumbing on a regular basis.
With a scheduled commercial plumbing maintenance, you’ll get the benefit of avoiding emergency plumbing situations which could shut your business down or bog you down with unnecessary interruptions and loss of income.
If you have a business and your plumbing is plagued by grease, debris, sludge, and other materials, you might want to consider hydro-jetting as a method of plumbing maintenance.  Our commercial plumbers can help you with drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, sewer clean-out, drainage issues and much more.  If your business needs drain cleaning services then give us a call today.  We offer same day commercial plumbing service!

We have commercial repeat customers that are happy to call us back only because we offer world class plumbing, rooter, sewer and drain services and affordable plumbing pricing.
San Jose Plumbers are reliable, honest and available when you need them, 24 hour plumbing in the surrounding San Jose, CA region.  Just call (408) 800-3091.

Commercial Services
Plumbing & Heating
Appliance Hook-Up
Backed up sewers
Backflow Devices
Bathroom Remodels
Chemical Wash and Treatments
Clean-out Installation
Copper Repiping
Discharge Lines
Dishwashers installed
Drain and Sewer Pipes
Drain Line Stoppages
Earthquake Valves
Faucet Installations
Fixture Accessories
Fixture Installations
Fresh Water Pipes
Garbage Disposals
Lateral Sewer Repair
Laundry Tubs & Pumps
Leaky Faucets
Leaky pipes, valves and toilets
Line Detection and Location
New plumbing installations
Pipe & Fittings
Pipe Extenders
Pressure Regulators
Re-circulating Pumps
Running Toilets
Sewage Ejectors
Sewage/Sump Pumps
Sewer/Drain Line Repairs
Slab Leaks
Stopped up drains
Sump Pits
Trenchless Sewer Repairs
Under Sink Repairs
Video Sewer Line Inspection
Waste and Overflow
Water Closet Install
Water Heater Install
Water Heater Repairs
Water Heaters
Water Line Repairs
Water Service Repairs
Water Softeners
Gas Plumbing
Fireplace/Gas Logs
Gas Lines/Gas Dryer Shut-off Valves
Gravity Heating and Furnaces
Venting Add-Ons