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Cool Bathroom Sink Designs

Get Your Groove On With These Cool Bathroom Sinks

bathroom design ideas


Bathroom designs are getting more creative by a minute. Now, when shopping for new fixtures we have so many choices that would make our bathroom design work just the way we want it. I remember about a decade ago we had only little to chose from and most designs were made in vanities to bring out the ideas around the sink we installed. Today we have countless of varieties, colors, shapes, materials. Here are some pretty cool designs for some bathroom sinks. Enjoy.


This is a cool looking sink. Looks like broken ice. Frosty.

bathroom-design-ideas-10-1 bathroom-design-ideas-10-2

Amethyst geode sink. That is a true crystal lovers sink. Clean your hands while cleaning your chakras. Only trouble here can be how to clean sink from soap scum. Regardless it looks totally awesome.

cool sink

Here is a unique bathroom sink design by Ricardo Antonio. Called the Foglio toilet basin this design was created for Brascor Countertops of Brazil. Constructed of corian, this unique shape adds a cool touch to modern bathroom design. Can you say groovy?

Foglia toilet basin Ricardo Antonio

Unique Bathroom Sink


Groovy sink Luna from native trails. Something different.


This lemon design sink makes it look so fresh I can almost smell lemons from here.




Simplicity and retro is still in style and this cool sink proves it.



If you are looking to have a letter S in your design then here you go. SALON perhaps? SUSY? STYLISH.



Simplistic modern design with this green sink is very cool indeed.


Lastly, a cascade design bathroom sink. Very modern, industrial and groovy.


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