Copper Repiping, Copper Plumbing Pipe Replacement

San Jose Plumbing City Plumbing is a copper repiping specialist.  We have been providing copper repiping services to the San Jose, CA and Bay Area community since 1989.  Our licensed plumbers are able to recognize faulty plumbing in older homes and buildings then help customers find affordable copper re-pipe  solutions.  Copper pipe is very durable and long lasting.  Consider copper repiping your home or business with a copper repipe because copper pipe is non toxic and resistant to corrosion.  If your home is experiencing low water pressure, or rusty and discolored water then it also might be time to contact a copper repiping specialist.
Hire a trusted company like City Plumbing  our licensed plumbers specialize in copper repiping entire homes and businesses.  Our copper piping techniques are safe, clean and rust free.  An entire home copper repiping will increase your home or business water pressure and make your plumbing system much easier to maintain.  Our expertise as a plumbing contractor in San Jose and Greater Bay Area since 1995 is unparalleled in Bay Area.   We can fix small copper repiping jobs because of small water leaks and also are highly skilled and trained on larger more comprehensive copper repiping projects.   We can help you switch to copper pipe.  Enjoy the difference!
The Process • Copper Pipe • New, Repair, Replace
1.    Existing host pipeline is cleaned out with rooter machine.
2.    Video pipe camera inspection confirms if pipe can receive lining.
3.    One (1) small pothole, approximately 4ft. x 3ft., is excavated to expose pipe.
4.    One piece felt liner is treated with epoxy resin.
5.    Lining is inserted into old pipe, calibration tube is inflated and expands the lining.
6.    Lining is “Cured-in-Place” as epoxy resin cooks and hardens.
7.    Calibration tube is deflated and removed, video camera inspects the results.
8.    Pipe lining is a permanent, stand-alone, new pipeline.

San Jose Plumbing City Plumbing is a copper repiping specialist.

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