Drain Repair in San Jose

Drain repair and maintenance is a necessity for any home or business. Sinks and toilets are used several times everyday, and eventually they all need to be properly cleaned or repaired to prevent clogs. Our plumbing professionals at City Plumbing are San Jose experts in drain repair.

If you notice a persistent slow leak at your San Jose home or business, this is an indicator that you have a clogged pipe and you need drain repair. Over time grease and dirt will build-up and cause a clog in your drain pipe, usually in the trap. Unfortunately slow leaks don’t simply go away and will require drain repair. Clogged drain needs to be cleaned and cleared to prevent a future plumbing emergency that is expensive and time consuming.


Drain Repair in San Jose • Serving the Entire Santa Clara County

City Plumbing will come to your residential or commercial property in San Jose and assess your drain repair needs. We then will devise the most effective strategy to clean your pipes utilizing tools like hydro-jetting, a snake, or a cleaning auger.  Repair is only required as a last resource. We are a San Jose drain repair expert and offer free honest estimates to clean all residential and commercial drains in a timely and efficient manner.

City Plumbing will clean and clear your San Jose drains to prevent blockages in your traps and avoid plumbing repair for your home or business. Call our office if you would like to schedule regular drain cleaning maintenance with one of our San Jose drain cleaning experts. You can trust City Plumbing with all your San Jose drain repair needs. Our drain cleaning methods clear clogged pipes in the San Jose, CA area. If you have more than one drainage pipe that needs cleaning in San Jose then our experienced drain repair experts will help get the job done. We will help clear obstructions in your drain line and clear the opening.

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