Earthquake Shut Off Valve Operation

Earthquake shut off valve operation, reset and troubleshooting. Earthquake valve is installed on gas supply line directly at the point of the supply at the gas meter. earthquake valve installation


In any case where you are working on gas line you should first turn off the gas by the gas meter. There is a valve by the gas meter which can be turned off and on by using Crescent Wrench, Channel Locks or special Meter Tool. Here is how the valve looks like:

gas meter shut off

Earthquake shutoff valves or seismic valves are installed directly beyond the meter. There are two types of valves: 1) Horizontal seismic valve. 2) Vertical seismic valve. When earthquake valve detects any seismic activity it will automatically turn off.

seismic valve

To reset earthquake valve you can do so by turning the little knob on the valve with flat screwdriver. Depending on the model and brand the reset knob can be in different location but almost always you will find a little screw on the side that is used to reset the seismic valve.

reset earthquake shut off valve

earthquake valve reset

When earthquake valve is in off position you will see the red light in window (usually located in front) that indicates that valve is in “OFF” position and gas line gets no flow in pipes. When resetting the valve you will see the GREEN light from the indicator window that shows you that valve is in open position.


earthquake valve indicator


When you are having trouble with earthquake valve that is turning off for no reason or that is not resetting back to open position then here are couple things to look for in order to see if the valve is in working order:

Check the level of the valve 

Most earthquake valves come with built in level check that will show you if your valve is in level. Some brands will provide mini levels or ask you to check level with your own device. Some brands have built in levels that are good guides to see if your valve is in level in order for it to work properly. In picture below you will find the level device that is built in to the device and indicates the correct level of the seismic valve. It consists of the simple chain that needs to be located in the middle of the key hole that will provide the accurate requirement for the earthquake valve level. Whenever someone has worked on meter or gas line it is always a good idea to check the level of the earthquake valve.

earthquake valve level

Turn off the gas meter before resetting the earthquake valve

In some cases when earthquake valve won’t reset properly it is advised to turn off the gas meter first before resetting the earthquake valve. To reset the earthquake valve use flat screwdriver and quarter turn the reset knob until you get the indicator window green.

After resetting the earthquake valve you must allow some time to have all air in gas line to “bleed” out before the gas will reach the appliances. That might take up to 3-5 minutes before gas will reach the appliance.

earthquake shutoff valve installation

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