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Hydro jetting is a process in which highly pressurized water is used to clean and maintain pipes and drains. It works by pushing debris out of pipes and pulverizing solid objects like tree roots. When it comes to grease and other slimy products, hydro jetting is an effective form of plumbing maintenance and performs better than a cable line option.

City Plumbing offers hydro jetting in San Jose as a service to clean and maintain proper plumbing for residential and commercial properties.  Our licensed plumbers have help the local San Jose community to release clogs in drains and sewers by using advanced drain cleaning technologies.  Hydro jetting cleans drains and will put your sewer back in working order.  Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning technique that properly releases any clogs in your drain or sewer line.

san jose hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is a process that cleans your sewer line and drain line, if successful will keep your drain line from being replaced or repaired.  In most cases we can blow high pressure water which leaves your sewer lines back in working order thanks to hydro jetting technology.  The use of high pressure water will cut through your sewer line and clean out the obstruction of any debris in your sewer line.San Jose Hydro Jetting Hydro jetting is the best remedy when your sewer clogs cannot be cleared by traditional cable snaking.  It is important to realize that your lines must be hydro jetted before pipe lining technologies can be considered.  Hydro jetting can cut through the most stubborn roots and debris.  Hydro-jetting will remove any build up in your sewer line or any other obstructions in your sewer drainage line.
Keep in mind that hydro jetting is an advanced method of pipe draining that generally provide an affordable alternative to a major sewer line replacement.
If your home or business is plagued by grease, debris, sludge, tree roots and other materials, you might want to consider high pressure water jetting as a method of plumbing maintenance.


San Jose Hydro Jetting

Drain lines that we can service with water jet method:

  • Kitchen drain clogs
  • Laundry drain clogs
  • Bathroom drain clogs
  • Main sewer drain clogs
  • Storm drain clogs
  • Floor drain clogs

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