Kimberly- Clark has tube- free toilet paper


First there was a light and humanoids used tree leaves to wipe their behinds. Then came newspaper and more friendly toilet tissue. But now the toilet paper is going green after all the centuries of waste and pain.

Kimberly-Clark, one of the biggest makers of household paper products will begin testing Scott Naturals Tube- Free toilet paper at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in Northeast. If they will have success in ‘green’ toilet paper they will start selling it nationally and globally. Also they have plan to make tubeless paper towels.

The holes inside the rolls are not quite perfect but they fit over TP spindles.

They come with good promise that even last piece of toilet paper will be usable without glue stuck on it.

According to Kimberly- Clark estimates the 17 billion toilet paper tubes produced annually in USA makes 160 million pounds of trash and could stretch more than a million miles. That’s from here to the moon and back twice. Most consumers don’t recycle the rolls and toss it in the garbage.

Another great way to save the earth and be green.

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