Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchen Plumbing in San Jose • Kitchen Remodeling

City Plumbing is one of San Jose, CA most reliable kitchen plumbing companies.  Since 1989, we have provided kitchen plumbing repair services in the San Jose Bay Area.  When you call City Plumbing, you will get in touch with a company with a full staff of licensed plumbers.  Our kitchen plumbing services offer generations of kitchen plumbing experience.  Our history in the Bay area is well established.

We are a trusted local kitchen plumbing company.
Kitchen plumbing is at the core of your homes plumbing.   Our plumbers understand how water supply needs to operate in your kitchen area.  We are experienced with old kitchen pipes and the new contemporary plumbing installations in the California region.   If your kitchen needs plumbing repair then you can trust that we have provided plumbing services in over 1000 kitchens in the San Jose Bay area since 1989.
Our history as a reputable San Jose plumbing company has seen it all.  We have performed kitchen plumbing services to the biggest homes California has to offer and also the smallest kitchen remodeling projects in our region.
Plumbing problems in your home kitchen are frustrating and worrisome.  Kitchen plumbing problems can shut down your household.  If you are currently having plumbing problems with your kitchen sink, garbage disposal or kitchen faucet then we can easily solve your kitchen plumbing problems.
If you however are in the midst of a difficult kitchen renovation and your kitchen plumbing is in need of a professional plumber, then we can also help you.  Our licensed plumbers are available in the San Jose, CA region 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we can help handle your kitchen renovation and your kitchen plumbing repairs.
Don’t delay if you are experiencing issues or serious concerns with the plumbing system or water supply in your kitchen.  Just give us a call today.
City Plumbing will provide you with a written estimate and not start any work until we are in mutual agreement on the plumbing task at hand.

Residential Kitchen Plumbing Services

Kitchen Sinks
Your kitchen sink is the primary water supply and retention center in your kitchen.  We are able to help you install different types of sinks from drop-in, under mount, flush mount, double basin and free standing.  We understand the tradition of kitchen plumbing in the state of California both old and new.  Our sinks come in numerous variations of style and color.  Our most popular kitchen sinks styles are stainless steel, cast iron and porcelain coated steel.  If your kitchen sink needs a new installation or just a common repair then our plumbing trucks are stocked with the plumbing supply’s needed to accomplish your kitchen sink project.
Kitchen Faucets
Since 2004 we have dealt with numerous different kitchen faucet styles.   The kitchen faucet helps to express the style and tradition of your kitchen plumbing.  We offer kitchen faucets that are time tested, functional, simple or elegant.   We install kitchen faucets that are single handle, double handle and pull out and spray.   Our kitchen faucet inventory provides both affordability and select or unique style.  We supply and install all types of kitchen faucets that can easily tie in to your traditional kitchen or modern kitchen area.
Kitchen Drains
If your kitchen sink is clogged or stopped up then we can help clear your kitchen drain.  We come across many common problems in kitchen drains that occur with garbage disposals and drain systems that include leaks, jams, and rattling or clogged grease or grit.
If your drain problem involves your garbage disposal then we know all the methods to get your kitchen drain and garbage disposal back in a working order.  We are kitchen drain experts.  We can unclog any kitchen drain.
We can install new dishwashers and help bring the water supply to any location in your kitchen.
Ice-maker Lines
If your home needs an ice maker line repaired or installed then we can help with that also.  We are a full service kitchen plumbing company.  We can run water lines to any portion of your kitchen so you can have a functional ice maker line in your home.
Insta-hot is a luxury to many kitchens.  If you need to bring instant hot water in our kitchen then we can help.  We can help bring the insta-hot water supply into your home.  Insta-hot might be considered a luxury in your kitchen but we can install insta-hot at an affordable price.
We are a full service kitchen plumbing company that is honest and affordable!