Leak Detection

Leak Detection • Water Leaks Detection San Jose, CA


Pooling water is a sign that you have a plumbing leak, even if you can’t see the offending pipe. Leaky pipes that go unaddressed will cause further plumbing problems for your residential or commercial properties and should be repaired or replaced immediately. San Jose City Plumbers are experts in leak detection and will then efficiently repair the problems in your plumbing system that caused the leak.
If you notice water surfacing in a particular area, that does not mean the water leak in the pipe is nearby. Some leaks are not visible and need to be located by professionals using special equipment. That is why it is vital to have a City Plumbing expert technician with the right equipment come out and locate the leak. When City Plumbing locates a water line leak, it will be there, guaranteed.
Once the cause of your leak has been detected, your City Plumbing technician will discuss the best solutions to fix your plumbing leak. Your City Plumbing technician will offer a free and honest estimate for the services needed to properly repair your plumbing leak.
City Plumbing utilizes high-tech equipment and procedures to address plumbing and sewer leaks with minimal digging and destruction to your residential or commercial property.

With big repeat client base we back up our word with world class plumbing, rooter, sewer and drain services.
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