Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting • Replace Water, Sewer or Drain With Trenchless Pipe System

PIPE BURSTING: San Jose Plumbing provides pipe bursting or trenchless pipe installation. The process involves very little disturbance caused by open trench excavation.

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A constant-tension winch guides the pipe bursting tool through the host pipe. The old pipe is burst underground and a new continuous pipe is pulled through.  City Plumbing pipe bursting expert.  The goal of pipe bursting is to pull an expanding device called an expander head through your defective water, sewer, drain or gas pipes.  As our expanding device travels through the buried water, sewer or drain pipes it breaks up the old pipe into small fragments of their original size.  Our pipe bur
sting technique can replace your buried water, sewer, drain or gas line pipes immediately.

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City Plumbing is a trenchless pipe bursting expert.  Pipe bursting is a highly effective and efficient method to consider while trying to replace a failed water line, sewer line, drain line or gas line.  Pipe bursting efficiently can burst through clay, concrete, cast iron and pvc pipe.  It must also be noted
that pipe bursting is generally less expensive than traditional pipe replacement methods.  You no longer need to cut open the property of your home or business park.  Ask about our trenchless pipe bursting application when you call us.

Pipe bursting also is environmentally friendly.  Our San Jose trenchless pipe bursting technology will reduce the amount of excavation and damage to your yard or business park.  Since 1989 our expertise in the San Jose, CA community has been unparalleled.  Our plumbing expertise has changed with the times and as licensed plumbers we are always skilled and trained to the most contemporary plumbing code and regulation.