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Sewer is never pleasant to deal with. Leave it to us, we have sewer specialists that are qualified to help you out with any sewer related plumbing problems. City Plumbing is a sewer repair & cleaning specialist within the San Jose, CA and Bay Area region.  We can help your sewer drain and are a great local choice to repair and clean sewers in San Jose.   We are able to install, repair and inspect entire sewer systems.

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Call City Plumbing today if you need help with your sewer service in San Jose.
Do you have soft and mushy spots in your yard, even when it doesn’t rain? Does your yard have a foul odor you can’t identify? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have a drain repair problem and need City Plumbing help.
We can help with your drain pipe and assess your entire drain system and inspect your sewers for any possible repairs.
If you have drain problems, there could be a number of reasons why City Plumbing should be contacted to detect and treat sewer problems.  We then can make repair on the spot generally.
Malfunctioning sewer pipe problems can make pipe repair difficult. Each of our San Jose sewer professional has over 10 years of experience in sewer repair and replacement. With over 200 years of experience combined among our skilled professionals use sewer repair and replacement technology to repair or replace old, broken, or root-infested pipes.

Sewer Repairs And Replacements In San Jose • San Jose Sewer Specialists with experience and good work ethics!
Our sewers service includes a complete diagnosis.  We will discuss possible sewer line installation and sewer repair possibilities.  We also will consult with you on the possible options if there are tree roots in your sewer line.
If you have a bellied pipe. This means the surrounding soil has caused your sewer pipe to sink and now waste and paper are collecting in this section of the pipe. The pipes in your sewer also can have leaking joints, allowing the water to flow out of those areas.
If you have substandard pipe materials the pipes that are degrading or corroding should be considered for sewer pipe repair.

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San Jose sewer drain specialists in City Plumbing are experts in proper sewer repair. City Plumbing sewer drain experts will assess your sewer drain problems and offer a free and honest estimate for the sewer services required to get your sewer system draining properly. San Jose sewer repair in City Plumbing uses the latest technology to cause as little disruption to your property while sewer repairs are being conducted.

We have commercial and residential repeat customers that are happy to call us back only because we offer world class plumbing, rooter, sewer and drain services and affordable plumbing pricing.

San Jose Plumbers are reliable, honest and available when you need them, 24 hour plumbing in the surrounding San Jose, CA.  Just call (408) 800-3091 or fill up service request form.

Our San Jose drain experts offer same day sewers service to these Bay Area Zip Codes in 60 Minutes or Less:

If you own a home or business in San Jose and Greater Bay Area then you want to trust your plumbing pipes with us.  Each drain repair expert on our staff is honest, trustworthy, trusted and a reliable drain specialist.  Satisfaction Guaranteed in all of Bay Area!