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Water conditioner is one alternative way in water treatment systems in San Jose CA. If you are looking for change from conventional water treatment in your home or business then one way to go is with

Zeta Rod systemswater treatment san jose

Zeta Rod systems work silently, behind the scenes to condition every drop of water in your home, pool and garden; and to protect valuable plumbing, water using appliances, and surfaces from the destructive effects of hard water. Zeta Rod system’s green technology is patented electronic deposit control that accomplishes the goal of preventing scale and biofilms from forming by affecting the physical characteristics of water, rather than by altering its chemistry.

Imagine freeing yourself from the expensive and time consuming task of maintaining an obsolete salt-based water softener– no more bags of salt to lug around, no more equipment to take up precious space, no more guilt about flushing salt residue into the environment. In fact, salt-based water softeners are restricted or banned in many municipalities across North America.

For over a decade, Zeta Rod systems have successfully improved water and energy conservation, optimized performance of industrial fluids, reduced chemical usage and eliminated scale and biological fouling in water systems. Originally developed for process protection in mining, pulp and paper, and beverage bottling, its use was expanded to reduce or eliminate chemical usage in heavy air conditioning and to protect drinking water systems for airports and municipalities. Water conservation and biological control for agriculture and food production allowed us to observe the beneficial effects that water treated with Zeta Rod has on plants.

Zeta Rod systems for the home are the natural extension of the expertise Zeta Corporation has developed in the industrial and commercial arena. The U.S. and international trademarks, patents, and patents pending that we hold for the Zeta Rod and for certain applications of capacitor-based technology attest to the originality of our research. In other words, we’ve done our homework.

it’s this simple: if you want to protect
the investment you’ve made in your home,
treat your water and yourself to a
Zeta Rod system

What is a Zeta Rod System and is it affordable?

The Zeta Rod offers a highly economical method of water   water treatment san jose

conditioning that uses the physical and electrochemical effects of electrostatic fields to disperse bacteria and nano-crystals that form biofilm and scale. A Zeta Rod System will normally pay for itself in chemical, water conservation and labor savings in twelve to eighteen months.

How does a Zeta Rod System work?

The Zeta RodTM forms a capacitor involving the solids within the water, the piping, and the vessel walls. Within this capacitor, tiny particles that would become part of scale, sludge or bacterial deposits are charged to the same sign. Behaving within the laws of physical chemistry, described as DLVO theory, they repel each other. Since the colloidal particles can’t link together or stick to the vessel walls, they can’t form harmful deposits.

Are chemicals used?

No chemicals, acids or other additives are generally used. If, however, there are special conditions such as food processing that require the use of biocides, the extremely clean surfaces and absence of biofilm produced by use of the Zeta Rod will greatly enhance the efficiency of small amounts of chlorine or ozone allowing highly sterile conditions.

Does the Zeta Rod cause corrosion?

No! Zeta Rod operation produces recirculating cooling water systems with a pH of 8.5-9.0. At this pH level corrosion potential is extremely low. Numerous corrosion studies using coupons, eddy current tests and electrical corrosion measurement reinforce the observation of low corrosion rates on all alloys. Additionally the delivery of clean surfaces free of bacterial accumulations and other deposition will avoid corrosion by oxygen cells, galvanic cells, and microbial influenced corrosion (MIC).

What kind of water testing will be required?

Since chemical adjustments are not being made, testing for chemical levels is no longer required. No acid is fed, so no pH reading is necessary to avoid over or under feed. Periodic checks of the concentration ratio of the total dissolved solids in the water are made and the ratio is controlled at proper minimum bleed rates to optimize water conservation.

Can tower bleed be eliminated altogether?

Zeta Corporation recommends that except in special conditions, cooling towers and other recirculating water systems maintain a continuous bleed. Often, depending upon operating conditions and make-up water quality, concentrations above five or six can be tolerated. Very little is accomplished by maintaining concentration ratios higher than six or seven. Lower bleed rates offer highest water conservation while very low bleed rates without side- stream filtration might allow an undesirable buildup of windblown particles in the tower water.

Will old deposits of scale and biofilm be removed?

The bond between old deposits and the metal surface will be dissolved,

allowing existing deposits to fall away from tubes or vessel surfaces. The removal process occurs over a span of time. If the

deposit is sufficiently thick to cause a loss of heat transfer or flow efficiency it should be cleaned before start-up. We recommend starting with a clean system that will be kept clean by the Zeta Rod.

How much power does the Zeta Rod System use?

Because there is no continuous electrical current flow within a capacitive system, power use is almost too low to measure. A Zeta Rod System costs about two cents a day to operate.

Is the system dangerous to the user?

There is no danger being around the Zeta Rod System. The system is properly insulated and unless the protective conduit and insulation have been damaged, there is no possibility of shock. While the voltage used to create the electrostatic field is very high, the available current is very low and would not be harmful beyond an uncomfortable jolt if directly encountered. The internal controls built into the power supply will instantly reduce the current output to near zero if the system ever shorts to ground. All Zeta Rod equipment complies with the standards of UL, CSA, and CE and carries these certification stamps.

When should the Zeta Rod System be turned off?

The system remains on all the time, protecting equipment from scale, biofilm and corrosion. This is especially important for equipment that is idle. Of course the system should be disconnected from the power source when being directly handled for installation, removal or for other major equipment repair.

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