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Water Heater Bradford White

 Top Brand Water Heater For Less

When you  are buying a new water heater our recommendation is Bradford White Defender. We have availability for all sizes but most common size for residential home is 40 gallon gas water heater. We install water heaters in San jose and surrounding areas and have 40 gallon Bradford White water heaters with discounted prices. Nowadays water heaters are more efficient and safer. That means saving money and having peace in mind. Call us today to set up appointment to install your new water heater by calling 408-800-3091.bradford white water heater

So what makes Bradford White our first choice in water heaters for over a decade already? Here is the list of product features:

Icon System Intelligent Control

water heater control

The Bradford White ICON SystemTM is an exclusive gas control technology that offers numerous energy and time-saving benefits including Advanced Temperature Control for consistent and accurate water temperature levels, Performance Software for enhanced First Hour Delivery ratings and tighter temperature differentials, Intelligent Diagnostics to assist in troubleshooting, and Pilot-On-Indication. The ICON System is another competitive advantage for professional installers and wholesalers. Best of all, it’s provided at no extra cost. Here is the link for full description.

Defender Safety System FVIR Technology

defender safety system

The Bradford White Defender Safety System® maintains outstanding efficiency, a long service life and very low NOx emissions. Best of all, it provides maintenance free operation while meeting the stringent ANSI standard for the affected gas water heaters. Here is the link for full description.

Hydrojet Systems Technology

hydrojet water heater

The Hydrojet® Total Performance System is a cold-water inlet tube that was especially engineered to reduce costly sediment buildup and create more thorough mixing of incoming water with stored water. Because of more efficient mixing, extreme temperature differences throughout the tank are greatly reduced. Water Heaters with the Hydrojet Total Performance System don’t have to work as hard or as often to maintain a maximum supply of hot water at the desired temperature. They heat water faster and use less energy to do it. And, it’s standard equipment on all Bradford White top connect residential water heaters. Read more about it here.

Brass Drain Valve


Brass drain valve is durable and tamper proof low restriction brass drain valve. This design allows the installer to drain the tank faster, resulting in a reduction in service time. See more about it here.

To be honest, there are many reasons why we always recommend Bradford White brand to our clients. One of the reasons is that it gives us a peace in mind that our clients will be happy with product and it will work for many years without problems. We are not affiliated with Bradford White company. We don’t gain any profits from them. Only profit we get is our satisfied customers with good product.


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