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Water Heater Leaking? Plumber In San Jose Can Help

Water heater leaking? City Plumbing in San Jose is here to help you.

If your water heater is leaking then you could use these tips in order to prevent any extensive damage to your home or business:

1) Turn off the gas valve to your water heater. It is located usually on the left side of your water heater. If for some reason you can’t turn off the gas valve by the heater you can also turn off the valve on gas meter outside your house. If you have electric water heater then turn off the power at the braker panel.

2) Turn off the water valve on top of the water heater. In case you don’t have the shut-off valve on water heater you can also turn it off in front of the house (Main Shut Off Valve). Or water meter by the curb.

3) Turn on your faucet on hot side to let all excess hot water to drain out from your water heater.

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Common issues and diagnosis of leaking water heater.

  • Water heater leaking from top: Worn water supply lines or tank leaking from top.
  • Water heater leaking from side: PRV (Pressure Relief Valve is worn or Temperature/ Pressure is too high inside the water heater tank.
  • Water heater leaking from bottom: Water heater tank is rusted and water is escaping from tank.

When your water heater is leaking it could create an extensive damage to your home and cost you money that you don’t want to spend. These simple instructions will prevent the damage to your home from the leaking water heater. When the water heater is leaking from the bottom it usually means that the tank of the water heater is rusted and water escapes from it. That means that this water heater needs to be replaced. Call immediately our plumbers to replace your leaking water heater. Our plumbers are available 24 hours at (408) 800-3091.

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If your water heater is leaking from the top of the tank then sometimes it could mean that water supply lines leading to the water heater are worn out and need to be replaced. Sometimes water heater tanks would leak also from the top of the tank. Have our plumber take a look at your leaking water heater and assess the issue. We offer great pricing on Bradford White water heaters which are known to be the best water heaters. Read more information about Bradford White water heaters here. City plumbing is available 24 hrs a day at (408) 800-3091

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